Please Stop Fu**ing Crying

An ode to parents dealing with colic

Emily Primeaux
2 min readAug 31, 2020


Cartoon of an infant screaming at the top of its lungs
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Disclaimer: I am not a poet. But I was a desperate parent about a year ago, looking for answers as to why my beautiful new baby (my first) was so inconsolable. During an exceptionally tough day, I jotted this down in the notes of my phone — even while my little babe wailed beside me as I pumped—because it helped me find a way to release my frustrations … and even have a little giggle.

You ate all the food,
and burped all the burps,
your diaper is fresh, clean, and dry.
But for some unknown reason,
no matter the season,
you throw back your head and just cry.

We swaddle, you suck,
we shush and we sway,
each day a new tactic emerges.
You look me dead in the eye,
quiver that lip, release a sigh,
and bellow in waves and in surges.

We know that it’s rough,
being a baby is tough!
But being your parent ain’t a walk in the park, either.
For when you wail, scream, and cry,
pushing my limit each time,
I count the minutes ’til you grant me my next breather.

But here’s the thing, little dove,
nothing you do quells my love,
and your pain does not fill me with glee.
Seeing you hurt is the worst,
and every shriek or vocal burst,
is a reminder that your comfort rests with me.

So, let out that shout!
I may not know what it’s about,
But I know in time this too shall fade.
You’re the light of my life,
even at times filled with strife,
And I’ll always be here to come to your aid.



Emily Primeaux

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